Welcome to the healthierdiets website. Healthierdiets was founded by Helen Turner RD.

The aim of healthierdiets is to offer a professional, reliable, confidential and affordable service to individuals, groups and businesses on diet, nutrition and health, via the wide range of experience and skills Helen has gained in the 25 years of working as a registered dietitian.

For Individuals - healthierdiets can help you:
If you have recently been diagnosed with a condition, where dietary adaptions are fundamental to your treatment.

If your health professional is considering increasing or changing your medication to treat your condition.

If you have had a condition for a number of years and not seen a dietitian for some time and need a dietary review.

If you want or need to see a dietitian quickly and don’t want to wait on a waiting list.

For workplace, schools, early years, primary care and NHS providers - healthierdiets can help you:
Schools/Early Years – If you need some support writing a food policy, some support in making sure that your children’s meals meet nutritional standards or help in promoting healthier lunch boxes.

Workplaces -If you are working towards a healthy workplace award, such as the Greater Manchester Good Work, Good Health award and need help in supporting your staff to make healthier choices around food, such as healthier vending.

Primary Care or NHS providers – If you need an experienced dietitian to support your patients on an adhoc or sessional basis.

With healthierdiets there are no long term staff costs to consider, no waiting lists and a reliable and evidence based service.

For Groups - healthierdiets can help you:

If you want a bespoke session delivered on a particular topic, such as healthy eating, diabetes, heart health or starting your child on solids.

If you want a number of sessions such as a weight management group for adults or for children.